Canadian colleagues celebrate new contract success

Colleagues in Canada have received the fantastic news that they have been successful in securing five-out-of-five contracts they bid for in the recent procurement for a major new employment programme. This will see them support over 11,000 new participants per year to achieve life-changing impacts through work.

WCG (the name of the company that makes up the Canadian part of the Ingeus Group) currently delivers 'The Employment Program of British Columbia' (EPBC) in three rural areas, helping anyone unemployed in the province of British Columbia to find lasting work. From April, this will be replaced with 'WorkBC Employment Services', the new five-year contract (with a potential four year extension). The team won the most amount of contracts possible for this procurement (also called the 'market cap'). 

This means our Canadian company will more than double its size and will become the largest provider of employment services in the British Columbia market. The success is based a strong vision built by Tania Bennett (WCG's CEO) and her team, and years of focus on high quality delivery, commissioner relationships, building teams, looking after people and building partner relationships. Always underpinned by solid values and an unwavering belief in our people and purpose.

The team are now fully focussed on bringing the new contracts to life, making sure the many people we will serve on WorkBC will see our very best service delivery from day one.