APM and his German subsidiary ingeus are offering free resettlement and integration support service to refugees and refugee families from Ukraine. By using our most valuable resource, our expertise and skills in the integration and job placement of migrants, we want to get war-displaced Ukrainians into regular employment - And thus make a meaningful and lasting difference, for the better, in the lives of these families.
We will start May 1st, 2022.

You are a refugee from Ukraine, and you would like to start fresh in Berlin?
Let our Ukrainian-speaking (Job) coaches know how they can best support you!

Wir bieten verschiedene Module an, wobei wir stets auf Ihre individuellen Bedürfnisse achten:

Junge Frau bin braunschwarzen langen Haaren und gestreifter Bluse sitzt in einem hellen Büroraum und lächelt in die Kamera.

Module 1: Orientation & Kickstart

Everything you need to know for a successful start in Germany: We are there for you right from the start and support you, according to your wishes and needs. We can accompany you to appointments and help in dealing with local authorities, doctors etc.:

  • Registration at the Immigration Office
  • Applying for benefits
  • Applying for child-care vouchers
  • Nearby ukrainian speaking doctors/therapists
Junge Frau mit dunklen Haaren sitzt auf einem Stuhl vor einem Schreibtisch. DAhinter sitzt ein gut gekleideter Mann mit schwarzen Haaren und gestutztem Vollbart.

Module 2: Language

Speaking German is crucial forwarding professional and social integration. We will inform you about nearby language courses and will gladly refer you to partner language schools. In addition, we help to apply for funding from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). You also get to know the free digital German learning programme (vhs-lernportal.de).

If you have already signed up for a german class, you can use our job station, equipped with modern computers and free internet access, until the language training begins.

Fünf Kinder verschiedener Nationalitäten haben sich um einen Maltisch versammelt

Module 3: Childcare

You need assistance with childcare arrangements? We can help:

  • Search for places in day care centres
  • Search for free leisure activities for children
  • Establish a network of contacts with Russian- or Ukrainian-speaking childminders
  • Establish contact with family centres
  • Develop a network among refugee mothers for mutual support
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Module 4: Housing

Looking for affordable rental housing in Berlin? We assist you in dealing with requirements of the housing market in Germany e.g.:

  • Social housing and housing voucher
  • Municipal and non-profit housing associations in Berlin
  • Maximum rent covered by social benefits
  • Tips and tricks to have a successful viewing appointment

Module 5: Labour market integration

We guide you step by step and tell you everything you need to know about the job application process in Germany, including:

  • How to get your qualifications and other work experience recognized
  • How to ace your interview
  • Together we develop realistic job goals and find suitable jobs within our network of employers. You will get to know the Berlin labour market and learn more about selection procedures.
Brandenburger Tor in Berlin

Module 6: Living in Berlin

As you organise your new life in Berlin, we tell you everything you need to know to build your (private) network up. We focus on topics such as:

  • Health system for children and women
  • Rights and duties as a foreigner
  • State support services for families and children
  • Offers of the Ukrainian and Russian community
  • Get in touch with social institutions and local employers

We would be very happy to welcome you in our offices in Berlin Reinickendorf.

Everyone has the chance for a better tomorrow. At we ingeus, help people who want or need to reorient themselves professionally. Our mission - worldwide and in Germany – is to support people into lasting employment and for them to gain independence. Our programmes are designed to help migrant as well as non-migrants, including unemployed (single) parents, refugees, U25, 50Plus, academics and graduates, to overcome challenges and find suitable work. Whether in workshops or individual coaching, we are flexible and focus entirely on your needs and wishes. We work with so-called AVGS vouchers and offer tailored solutions for government agencies.

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